Jimmy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, double major in Economics and Finance with Certificate and Diploma in Banking and Finance. Formerly working in the Banking Industry for 10 years in Risk Management, his job nature not enable him to understand the financial return of investments but also the fine nuances of risk that is associate with them and reduction thru diversification.

In Singapore where majority are matured investors, Jimmy’s experience in the bank enable him to analysis and advice clients on how to diversify their existing portfolio. While on enterprise level, corporation leverages on diversification in order to achieve super or better than normally returns, Jimmy believes that this is achievable for individual property owners and investors as well. Through diversification of alternative investment in similar product segment, Jimmy is able to advise investors on ways to minimise risk, increase better than normal returns and offer various strategic options to the needs of each individual business partner.

Jimmy’s interest in Singapore commercial properties started years back in 2011 while the main property market focus was still on residential which enables his investors to explore, invest and earn returns in this area before the focus shift and implementation of the Singapore property cooling measures. 

Not only does Jimmy explores new areas of property investment in Singapore market but also brings investors to new frontiers in foreign property purchase. Bearing alternative investment in mind, Jimmy is probably the pioneer in introducing China properties built by Singapore renowned developer, into Singapore market during the start of the China property boom 6 years back, providing investors with high capital gain in diversifying their investment portfolio. 

Till date, this investment is still very niche and complex that Jimmy and his team may be the only group marketing this type of investment property in Singapore.

Today, Jimmy gives his prospective of Asia Economics and Property Market in salons organized by Chinese financial institutions for their high net worth clients in China while his membership in DWG Singapore with a strong network of over 1,400 agents, has brought in developments from Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Australia and United Kingdom.

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